9 Secrets You Need to Know About Disney's FastPass+



1. There Are Three Booking Windows

There are the 3 different booking windows which open for making FastPass+ reservations at Walt Disney World, and they depend on your resort accommodations.

  • 90 Days: Guests With Disney Resort Hotel Reservations at Club-Level (or Greater)

  • 60 Days: Guests With Disney Resort Hotels Reservations (or Select Partner Hotel Reservations)

  • 30 Days: Guests Without Disney Resort Hotel Reservations


2. Initially You Get Three (Unless...)

Disney places a limit on the number of FastPasses you can reserve initially. For most guests the magic number is three, per day, at the same park. Additionally, Disney will limit the number of E-ticket (popular) attractions you can select to one. For guests staying on the club level of a Disney resort hotel, they can pay an extra $50 per guest for additional FastPass+ selections, and their selections don't have to be at the same park.


3. Don’t Waste Your FastPass on High-Occupancy Rides

Some Disney World attractions are high-occupancy, meaning the number of guests that can experience the attraction (per hour) is high. Attractions like this include: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Little Mermaid, The Haunted Mansion, and It’s a Small World. We suggest not using your FastPass+ for these attractions because their wait times (on average) tend to be lower than other rides with low-occupancy, like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.


4. Don’t Waste Your FastPass on Shows w/Dining Packages

Many of Disney World’s most popular shows – Rivers of Light and Fantasmic! - offer reserved seating with select dining packages, so there’s no need to waste a FastPass+ reservation on them. Again, save the FastPass+ selections for the most popular attractions.


5. You Can Arrive (A Little) Early

Generally speaking, cast members will allow you to use your FastPass+ up to five minutes before the scheduled time. While that might not seem like it would make a big difference, it does – especially when you’re trying to secure the perfect spot to watch a parade or view fireworks.


6. You Can Arrive Late

Disney gives all you a 15-minute grace period to utilize your FastPass+ after your window expires. This is to accommodate a variety of things outside of your control, such as resort transportation delays or dining experiences that last longer than expected.


7. You Can Select More Inside the Parks

After your initial three FastPasses expire, you can then make an additional FastPass+ selection inside the park. Simply go to one of the FastPass+ kiosks and follow the on-screen selections. (This doesn't have to be the same park.) Once you've used that FastPass, you can then repeat this process until (a) the park closes or (b) no more FastPass+ times are available.


8. You Don't Need a Magic Band

While Magic Bands definitely make things easier, a park ticket can also be used on the FastPass+ scanners at attractions. Just make sure your ticket is linked to your My Disney Experience account.


9. If Your Attraction Breaks Down, Don't Panic

It's unfortunate, but attractions break down for a variety of reasons. If this happens for an attraction you have a FastPass+  reservation for, pay attention to the time AND your email. If the attraction doesn't reopen a few minutes into your time-window, you will receive an email notifying you that your FastPass+ is good for any attraction listed within that email, for the remainder of the day. This has actually allowed us to use a FastPass on rides we weren't able to reserve initially.

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