+ What do you charge for your services?

Booking, guidance, and expert knowledge is no cost. Both Disney and Universal have travel agency commissions folded into the their prices -- wether you book through them directly or through us. For our VIP services, please ask your Travel-Planning Genie for details.

+ What services do you provide if I book my trip with you?

Not to brag, but they're too many to list right here. We have an entire page dedicated to that HERE. #JustSayin

+ After I submit my quote request, how long will it be before a Travel-Planning Genie℠ contacts me?

Your dedicated Travel-Planning Genie℠ will call you within one business day to talk about your family's vacation wishes.

+ Will I have to pay for my entire vacation upfront?

Early bird gets the worm! If you're booking far enough in advance, usually not. For most Disney and Universal vacations a deposit will hold your room/package for an extended period of time. For current deposit requirements click HERE.

+ If I've already booked with Disney or Universal, can I still use your services?

More than likely! If you've booked your vacation within the last thirty days, and not yet paid in full, we can tell you how to transfer your reservation over to us. We'll assign a Travel-Planning Genie℠ to start granting your wishes immediately! If it's past thirty days or you've paid in full, and we cannot transfer the booking, we charge a nominal fee to help you plan your vacation.

(NOTE: This offer only applies to reservations booked directly with Disney. Out of professional courtesy, we will not transfer a reservation from another travel agency - that would be villainous.)

+ Do I pay you or Disney/Universal?

While we collect your payment information, your payment goes directly to Disney or Universal - never to us. We use their secure payment portals for Disney and Universal travel agents. View our Privacy Policy for more about how and why we collect your information.

+ What happens if Disney or Universal releases a new deal or package, after I've already booked and paid my deposit?

That's why we're the Travel-Planning Genies℠! If this happens we will compare the new deal or package with the one previously booked. If you're eligible, and the new one will save you money and/or fits better with your family's needs, we will happily switch your reservation over to the new package/deal. #WishGranted (NOTE: While Disney and Universal usually allow changes to be made for free, a nominal change fee will result once full payment date has been reached.)

+ Another Disney or Universal vacation planning company is offering a much lower price, can you match it?

Very good question. While there are some cases where we do price match, on average, we don't. If an agency is offering a lower price they might be:

  1. Cutting into their own hard-earned commission.
  2. Not revealing to you the taxes/fees/other charges of the reservation that you will wind up having to pay later.
  3. Have a special group rate on that particular sailing.
  4. Using a combination of any of the above.

Granting wishes takes a lot of magic out of our Travel-Planning Genies℠, and they need to be paid for their time. But that doesn't mean you can't ask about any lower rate you've found - please do! If it's a public offering, we will happily match it. However, if the price is lower due to one of the reasons listed above, that magic is too advanced for us.

Just don't forget about all the services our Travel-Planning Genies℠ provide - that you won't find elsewhere!

+ Will I receive a Disney or Universal confirmation number?

Absolutely! All of our vacations are booked directly through Disney and Universal.

+ Do you book Universal Orlando Resort Vacations too?

We sure do! Our Travel-Planning Genies℠ are also Universal Orlando Resort Specialists. You can find more information about our services for the Universal Orlando Resort HERE.

+ If I need to change or cancel my trip, do I contact Disney/Universal or you?

Because you've booked your trip through us, Disney and Universal requires us to change and/or cancel the reservation for you. Contact your Travel-Planning Genie℠ and they'll be able to assist you.

Just don't bottle us up forever! When you're ready for your wishes to be granted, we'll be ready to grant them!

+ My question isn't listed - what do I do?

You can either call us at (407) 698-5468. Or you can email us at info@magiclampvacations.com. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!